Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Review

I visited Devlynn Desade for the very first time yesterday afternoon. With fear and excitement I rang the door bell and was greeted by a vision of beauty. This didn’t last too long as within seconds of entering the Desade Academy I was blindfolded and had my arms tied behind my back and was led up the stairs into what I eventually found out was her medical examination room. Once there I was gagged with a ball gag with small holes in it (a bit like one of those practice golf balls) and tied to a post on her suspension frame. After a few minutes of some prodding and nipple torment the blindfold was removed to reveal the beautiful Goddess. Mistress Devlynn then lit a cigarette and proceeded to blow the smoke towards my face. I completely forgot that I was an ex-smoker because all I wanted to do was suck the smoke coming from her lips through the perforations in the gag.  

After a while I found myself tied down to her medical examination table. My head and hands were in stocks and legs tied wide apart and in the air. I was completely at Mistress Devlynn’s mercy. Nipple torture (which I love) was intensified, and my exposed buttocks felt a few hard strokes of her cane. Mistress Devlynn has an amazing assortment of toys, but one that she used on me was what would best be described as a claw with three curved blades as the fingers. This ‘claw’ is perfect in you are into pain and pleasure. Mistress tickled me lightly by rubbing the claw lightly over most of my exposed body, but also inflicted pain on my nipples which were gradually becoming tender. I also had some kind of pumping machine attached to my penis but because my head was in the stocks I couldn’t see exactly what it was. 

After some exquisite torture on the medical examination table I was untied and led into Mistress Devlynn’s dungeon room. I was strapped down to a punishment bench and whipped and caned with a verity of instruments, as well as having my nipples clamped again and having them severely pinched. Finally I was untied from the bench and ordered onto the floor to kiss the Goddess’s boot.

Devlynn Desade is a softly spoken Mistress and really seems to enjoy tormenting and torturing her slaves. During the session She would softly hum to herself and it seemed like an increase in the humming would mean an increase in my torment. The more I suffered seems to also light a sadistic pleasure that I could see in Her beautiful eyes.   

After the session I was offend to use the bathroom to clean up, and then went down stairs to Mistress Devlynn’s Parlour Room for a chat about what I thought of the session and life in general. The whole of the Desade Academy is immaculately clean and very well equipped with all kinds of bondage furniture and instruments of torture. I loved this session and will definitely be back some time in the future.