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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Maso-Arts of Cincinnati

Dave of Maso-Arts in Cincinnati has passed into fullness of being.
I met Dave at a horse farm, of all places, because he happened to be there with another Lady who I recognized as a Dominant by her leather, riding crop, and triskele tattoo. Over the years we would see each other at various photography or BDSM events, and some secret basement parties as well.
We would get together from time to time to create fetish photography.  Dave had a distinct understanding of the subject and this resulted in photos that speak of the power, control, and trust in BDSM, not just the sex and skin of it.

The first time we met, I had a lady puppy. Once we played out a forceful sexchange operation, and he brought a handmade leather hood that was truly terrifying and beautiful.  The very last time we got to shoot he had 8 polaroids total, and was selling his polaroid camera, so every shot had to be perfect. We focused on the ideas of Leather, Corsetry, Boots, and Smoke, the things that had inspired us when we first came to BDSM.