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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Lesson In Manners

Hello my name is Alex,

I think I’m just your typical college student. I take my courses seriously and have excellent grades. But on the weekends I often need to let loose. But apparently on some occasions I have let myself get a little too “relaxed”.  I have been told by several of my friends that I need to be more considerate of others, particularly when I’m drinking. They say I can be a little rude and even sometimes arrogant and sometimes even mean. I typically would listen to the “constructive criticism”. But truthfully in general I have ignored their advice.  I mean, when I’m out on the weekends I need to blow off a little steam. If I hurt someone’s feelings or seem a little rude I may apologize if I’m feeling in a good mood. I may even buy them a drink and then consider the matter settled.  Little did I know that one day soon I would learn a lesson in manners!

It happened last Friday night. Some school friends told me of a Goth Night at a local club and invited me to go with them, funny; one even cautioned me to check my rude behavior at the door. I just laughed off the comment. Having never been to something like this before they told me just to wear something dark and be friendly. Of course, I’m a very friendly guy, right? Well, as it turned out, maybe not so much. We arrived, showed our ids’ paid the cover and moved into the party. Of course I headed straight for the bar. It had been a LONG week and I needed a beer buzz and FAST! It was somewhat dark inside but quickly I was able to pick out the bar. It was super busy even with two bartenders behind the counter. There were two lines and it seemed to be taking forever to get served and I was thirsty! I then noticed that the bar tender attending the line beside mine was just now returning from the cash register and was ready to take someone’s order. However, the two ladies at the front of that line were at that moment facing away from the bar and seemed to be texting with someone. Well, I was ready to order. So, naturally, I jumped to that line and ordered a beer. About that time I heard a lovely but stern voice from behind, “Excuse me WE were in line and were next!” Turning on my accuser I came face to face with one of the lovely ladies.

She had absolutely mesmerizing eyes but they had locked onto my eyes with an unflinching and intense and hostile glare. For the first time in my life I was at a loss for words. It was as if I had swallowed ice water. My knees were tingling; I was literally frozen with fear. This lovely but terrifying woman was dressed in a shiny smooth, sexy and form fitting latex dress. She had straight, silky shoulder length blond hair and a knockout body to go with her stunningly beautiful although quite angry looking face. Her friend had reddish brown hair and also possessed an intense and somewhat deadly beauty. She wore a button down black shirt with white stripes which gorgeously accentuated her lovely breasts. Beneath that she had a sexy black miniskirt with garters and matching black fishnet stockings and of course black stiletto heels!  Despite my fear I could feel myself becoming hard.  The one before me snapped me out of my trance, “Leave your money and tip at the bar. You’re coming with us.” I started to reply with a protest but suddenly her right hand flipped out from her side as fast as a snake whipping just her fingertips into my balls!  “Ummphhhh” An incapacitating nerve jolt shot from my balls, deep into my stomach and down through my thighs to my knees. Suddenly all ability to resist was gone. “Not another word, you’re coming with us. You need to be taught a lesson in manners!”

And with that they each took a hand and proceeded walking with me in tow away from the bar.  As we walked we passed what must have been their table because we stopped beside it and I noticed that the dark haired goddess rummaged beneath the table and found and picked up what appeared to be two long rods and two large wooden paddles! What was happening! I must have started dragging my feet a little for the one, I’d soon learn to be Mistress Devlynn, spoke, saying, “Do I need to encourage you to keep up with us again?” Fearing a repeat strike to my balls I Very quickly I responded “NO!”  That resulted in my first lesson of the evening, “From now on you will refer to each of us as Ma’am and will answer all questions with Yes or No Ma’am! Is that understood!!?” I corrected my response. “Yes Ma’am!” With that they continued pulling me until we reached the ladies room! Before I could say a word the other spoke, I would learn that her title was Mistress Gemini. “Don’t say a word, just follow us.” And with that I found myself in the ladies restroom.  Mistress Devlynn spoke, to the few ladies inside, “Excuse us ladies, we won’t be long and THIS one will soon be totally engaged with us, I assure you. You may watch if you wish. You may enjoy the show!” Without wasting any time, they got right down to business, Mistress Gemini commanded, “drop to your hands and knees boy!” Instantly I started to comply much out of fear for my poor balls. “STOP!” Mistress Devlynn spoke. You did not say “Yes Ma’am! That will cost you! We were going to be nice, but not now. Drop your pants down to your knees then get down on the floor”.

I looked at the floor; I could feel the stickiness of it pulling slightly at the soles of my shoes. It was filthy! I thought only men’s bathroom floors would be like this. My hesitating got me into more trouble, “I said get on the floor NOW! But first drop your underwear down to your knees as well! You REALLY need some manners beaten into you!”  My fear overcame my revulsion of the floor; quickly I unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled my pants down to my knees, where they continued to fall until completely around my ankles. I looked back into the eyes of my tormentor. “Now your underwear!” the tone of her voice caused me to immediately comply. I then fell to my hands and knees. Mistress Gemini commanded, “Get your face to the floor and spread your knees boy!”

I did as ordered trying to ignore the foul stench of the floor. I was now extremely self conscious. Dirty or not this was a public restroom, and a ladies room at that! Mistress Devlynn commented, “Normally I like to give a warm up, but I want to get back out to the party and this one does not deserve ANY kindness what so ever. So would you like the honors of going first Mistress Gemini?”

“Why yes, thank you it would be my pleasure. I think I’ll start with one of the paddles! You better grit your teeth and keep quite boy, if you scream I’m going to stuff your mouth with toilet paper!” Afraid not to reply, “Yes Ma’am, I’ll do my best!”

“Very well, close your eyes and prepare yourself!” The seconds seemed to stretch on forever and then,…… “CRACK!!!!!!!!!” OH MY GOD!!!! It BURNED! Despite my best effort I screamed, “Ahhhh!!!!”
I said be quite boy! “CRACK!!!!!!” I did a little better this time but I noticed that already my eyes were filling with tears!” “CRACK!!! Owwww….. Gritting my teeth as hard as I could I did manage to keep quite this time. Mistress Gemini spoke to Mistress Devlynn, “Would you like a turn?” “Thank you, I would indeed…Ohhh look how red and swollen his bottom is already! I think I’ll add a few stripes to it with my cane. Get ready boy!” My knees were shaking now and I noticed more than a little sore from the hardness of the disgusting floor. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at it then it happened……
“VVVWWWAP!!!!!” At first it was just the terrifying sound that got my attention, but within milliseconds I forgot entirely about the sound and the look, smell and feel of the floor! The ripping, burning STING was like nothing I had ever experienced in my LIFE!” I howled! “OWWWWHHHH!!!!”  and flopped flat on my stomach grabbing my poor inflamed and slashed butt! Oh how it HURT!!!!!
I squeezed and pinched and squeezed my cheeks in a futile attempt to stop the unimaginable sting! I was rocking from side to side and squeezing totally oblivious to anything else! Mistress Devlynn spoke, “Get back up boy NOW!!!!” Weakly I replied through sobs, “Yyyess Mmma’am.”

I pushed myself back up and as I was catching my breath I noticed, that despite the pain and the humiliation and the fact that this was the first time I had EVER been spanked or caned, I was becoming aroused! At first it seemed a little odd but then my reflections were stopped by one of my gorgeous captors, “Look, the little pervert is enjoying this, aren’t you boy! I guess these next four strokes will need to be even harder! Brace yourself boy and this time you better NOT fall down!” My knees were shaking as well as my arms, but I could feel that not only was I now quite hard but I was adding my own dripping mess to the floor! Ohhh, disgusting I thought to myself. Quickly I dismissed thoughts of what the pervasive stickiness all over the floor could be from. Then….in rapid succession….., “VWAPPPP!!!!..... VWAPPPP!!!!..... VWAPPPP!!!!..... VWAPPPP!!!!.....

OH MY GOD!!!! I was shaking and sobbing now. “Owwww, Owwww, Owwww….” My butt was absolutely in FLAMES! Mistress Devlynn spoke, “Mistress Gemini, you haven’t used your cane yet, would you like a few strokes before I finish our boy with MY paddling?” “Yes Mistress Devlynn, I would like that very much, thank you.” Ohhh, would it ever end!!? I still felt strangely aroused but I noticed my erection had diminished quite a bit after that intense caning. Blinking my eyes I noticed that my tears were dripping incessantly now. I closed my eyes. I could sense Mistress Gemini taking position behind me. Then, vwooshhhhh….vwooosh!!! VWOOOOOSHHHH!!!! I flinched, but she was apparently just testing out the feel of the cane, AND scaring the heck out of her victim ME. She spoke, “Get ready boy….I’m giving you ten and you better hold still for them!” I held on hoping I could stand it and it happened……
VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!.........VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!.........
VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!......... VWWAAPPPP!!!!!!.........
Ohhhhh!!!!!!! I was shaking and crying!!!! I noticed that I even peed a little!!!! Oh it BURNED so BAD!!!!
I lost it, “Please I’m sorry!!!! I’ve learned my lesson…Please stop Ma’am????”
“Oh…..I’m done boy… But Mistress Devlynn still has to paddle you…..” “Yes, I still have to give you five licks with my paddle, but you’ve done surprisingly well.  Maybe you have some worth after all boy…..” Prove it to me boy, take these last five licks and I and Mistress Gemini will give you our cards. That way if you ever feel the need for some more training in good behavior you can contact us and arrange a session. So, let’s get on with it, face to the floor, ass in the air and knees spread wide……that’s a good boy….now hold still and it will all be over soon………
“CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!! CRACK!!!!! CRACK!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!”
Owwww!!!!!  OWWWW!!!!! I fell back to the floor sobbing after the last hands immediately clasping my injured behind squeezing and rubbing…… Oh I was in SO MUCH PAIN!!!!

Mistress Devlynn giggled. “Well, I do believe you’ve learned your lesson boy. You might want to pull your pants back on before you go back for your beer. Oh and here’s our cards, with that she tossed their business cards to the floor beside me with a final word. “Fill out our on line applications, I feel you do have potential, with a few visits to either of us we just might make a proper, well behaved male out of you.  God knows the world is in short supply of those.”

It has been a week now. Oh, my butt still bears the markings! And have I EVER learned my lesson!
But, just last night I filled out their applications. A little booster never hurt.
Well……that expression may be wrong in this case!