Monday, May 8, 2017

How Not to Fuck Up

Well, it is springtime in Cincinnati, and many people want to know how to end up in the sadistic, evil clutches of a Dominant Lady.
Whether professional or Lifestyle, here is My guide on "How not fuck up" 
If you have fucked up, you may want to see My guide, "Oh Damn you fucked it up..."


Be forthcoming and honest with information, such as discretion needs, availability, verification information such as your occupation, facebook or linkedin.

Be clear about when you wish to book and for how long.

Send your deposit, or a gift for the Dungeon to keep it going.

Do Not send MORE emails than necessary, this can be a red flag!  

Do not send photos of your cock, etc.  Feel free to send photos of face, with photo ID, to make a Mistress feel safe seeing you.  

Booking is mostly done via EMAIL and My application. Don't try to get a session on social media, at best it won't work, at worst you will get blocked and not get to enjoy all My free photos and videos.

If you cannot see Me for a session right away, but want to make an impression or be in My good graces, offer your schedule of availability, skills, uses, budget for serving Me monthly, or you can simply send a gift or gift card from My wishlist, as do many other slaves who are either too far away or too married right now to serve.

Respect MY boundaries... which include My phone number, My privacy, My time, etc.


Oh shit, what did you do to yourself?  You looked at My photos, read My blog, and then made some terrible mistake.  
Mistakes that make a Mistress feel unsafe or disrespected can sometimes be unforgivable. Over the years I exiled slaves for LIFE from My dungeon for: showing up unannounced to the dungeon, phone calls at inappropriate times, violation of My privacy.  
Other mistakes, such as way too many emails that make Me feel you are sketchy, asking for illegal services, etc, also happen.
I would like to continue offering a safe and discreet place for the submissives of Cincinnati to explore this side of themselves with a skilled and experienced guide.  Each person that comes into this process and then fucks up, leads Me to be further and further reclusive, seeing only the slaves I have come to know and trust at this point, and rejecting most new applicants. I wish this wasn't the case, but if you play with fire and get burned you quit being interested in fire.  And you see, I already have great slaves, a panini press slave, a rice cooker slave, a toaster oven slave... it's going to take a lot of work from Me to turn your fire into a damn fine cooking element.
For this reason only the best and most compatible, professional, forthcoming, honest, appropriate and intelligent applicants can be chosen.
If you feel that IS YOU but for some reason you made an honest SMALL mistake, and grieve that mistake greatly, you may email a new application with your express apology and some ideas of how you propose to make it up to Me.  
Buying a gift from My wishlist or a giftcard for Lingerie or Latex (Secrets in Lace, Westward Bound) could be a good way to show Me you appreciate the work I have put into making a dungeon and a Femdom scene in Cincinnati, a very conservative city.  Perhaps you could go get something for Me I need for the dungeon locally, like a piece furniture, Goddess party or cleaning supplies. 
It is easy to look at what is here as a dream and fantasy, but I have made it a reality for those who make themselves worth of entering. This has been no small feat, and the DeSade Academy is entering its 7th year as a sanctuary for Femdom!!!