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Monday, September 25, 2017

Memories of a Medical Procedure

Memories of a Medical Procedure

with Goddess Devlynn Desade and Mistress Mara Mayhem

by slave Buttons

As a faithful well trained slave and property of Goddess Desade,  I  was permitted to be used in a Double Domme Session  with Goddesses’ out of town guest Mistress Mara Mayhem.  I arrived exactly at the assigned time, well shaved, bathed and properly prepared to be used for Goddess DeSade’s and Mistress Mayhem’s entertainment.

I was sent up to the slave rest room to undress and wait for their arrival patiently. The two of them came up the stairs, both dressed with midriff exposed and looking absolutely beautiful in their very provocative attire.

They took me into the medical room and proceeded to place me on my back on the examination table.  They expertly each took an arm and tied me spread eagle, then proceeded to each take an ankle and tie me completely spread eagle.  The team work between the two of them was something to behold. I was rendered totally helpless, exposed and vulnerable completely spread out to be used as they wished and to be teased,tormented and explored for their entertainment. Mistress Mayhem quickly discovered that my nipples were extremely erotically sensitive...


...They both had access to every part of my slave body. I truly was to be used as a piece of property. While being totally helpless and completely exposed they both made me kiss their beautiful bottoms and gave me total sensory overload with so much beauty so close to me.  Knowing that I have a “Navel Fetish”, they teased me with being so close to their bare navels, but they were always just out of the reach of my tongue...


...I went into a total zone space and wanted to “freeze time” to make the time and experience to continue forever.  .. I was taken into another dungeon room and placed naked on the floor,so they could each put one foot on my naked body to prove they were in total control of the well trained slave and piece of property. They posed for an awesome picture of the two of them, using their naked slave as a prop. The picture was then posted on their Blogs and postings.

I am one very lucky slave and continue to look forward to serving Goddess Devlynn Desade in one on one sessions and as her demo slave when she has a guest or in larger groups, including lady friends and/ or with other  either male or female slaves present too.