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Friday, October 20, 2017

New Equipment, Updates

Hope everyone has had a lovely summer, and I must apologize for becoming another Mistress who rarely updates Her blog.
I will be travelling to Indy next weekend, Chicago at the end of this month.
Here at the dungeon in Cincinnati, I have built a new Latex Body Bag for My medical explorations, this one is blue translucent latex to leave the submissive encased, bound, but completely exposed to Me.  We have a had a lot of fun with this bag and I even made Venus 2000 sleeves and a skirt to wear (My size, not sissy size) so the slave can experience being completely in a blue latex world. Other items I made to complete the experience, heavy rubber straps in a reversible silver/ black latex, inflatable latex gag, and padded latex blindfold to truly shut out the world. Did you ever hear that dominants and serial killers can be a bit OCD?
Some photos of this interesting contraption!