Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Back in Cincinnati this weekend

Secret Shangri-La in Phoenix Arizona is an inspiring dungeon with an even more inspiring Head Mistress, Goddess Sadie. Had a wonderful trip with a few shining submissive specimens, and at least one very boring newbie.  The dungeon itself was discreet, immaculate and well equipped with an array of fun new toys for Me to try out on My willing victims. 
A private ClubFem party was a great occasion to play voyeur and train some newbies into being more pleasing to the Dominant Female.
Hanging up My leathers again in Cincinnati and grateful for My experienced and well trained slaves.
This is My birthday month and you can expect more than a few spankings.  Nothing like a red bottom to warm up the grey winter days. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Phoenix Travel confirmed!

Visiting Phoenix AZ December 4-10

Apply to be of service at if you fill one or Many of the following Criteria:

  • Interested in real service, slavery, or Female Supremacy
  • Heavy masochistic Tendencies or wishes
  • Heavy bondage addict
  • Utmost respect for High Femmes and Classic Leather Domination
  • Needing Stricter Training from a Severe Femme Domme instead of fantasy provider
  • Needing more mental Training in slavery as opposed to simple sensual explorations
If you have health problems that may limit your service to Me, this is not a dealbreaker and you must detail honestly in your application.  Looking forward to seeing what Phoenix has to offer!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

On the Importance of Protocols

Protocols are not only found in BDSM. 
Regarding IT related Protocols:

Protocols are needed for predetermined understandings for communications. Though it helps the harmony and smooth functioning of a system, such.

This is an interesting way of wording that still applies to the functioning of any other system, be it BDSM, Military service, or other strictly arranged systems.

Protocol has several different meanings, all connected to the idea of guidelines or procedures to follow. It is used mostly in formal or academic language.The most common meaning of protocol is “a system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations,” as in these example sentences:

The soldier's actions constituted a breach of military protocol.
They did not follow the proper diplomatic protocols.
What is the proper protocol for rejecting a job offer?
Protocol can also mean “a plan for a scientific experiment or for medical treatment,” as in:

an experimental protocol
a simplified treatment protocol

In the BDSM world protocol is often used to explain how we treat one another.  In a BDSM relationship, it is during the forming of the relationship that the submissive will be guided and trained into the proper protocol for that relationship.  The protocols he learns in one relationship may not transfer to another relationship, however, his previous training in protocols at all is always a good sign. This can signal to the Domina that he has experience, he takes note of what women want, he takes pleasure in pleasing you, he is easy or at least viable to be trained. It is not faux pas to offer previous protocols to a new Domina, on the contrary it can be a very flirty gesture like a well trained dog doing a very particular trick. If you don't think Ladies were getting excited watching My well trained slaves serve Me champagne from a silver tray to My EXACT specifications, with grace and practice, you would be sadly mistaken.  

It is easy for you who are sucked into Femdom by porn and other misrepresentations built on Male pleasure instead of Female pleasure can get confused.  

Dominas have their own protocols, a Pro Domina will have many listed clearly on Her site, and booking protocols are very important.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

***REAL 2018 UPDATE***

Hello, It has been a hot summer and I am looking forward to fall! NO VISITING MISTRESS IS PLANNED FOR THIS MONTH. We have a lovely new leather sleepsack with deprivation hood in the dungeon along with a host of other various new toys, paddles, CBT devices.  I am accepting some sessions on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays in My Cincinnati dungeon.  Those of you hoping to see Me on My visit to Indy this month should make sure your deposit and application are already in.
Those submissives who have burned a bridge with Me should have a look at My amazon wishlist and contribute to My dungeon to make it up to Me.  Or perhaps a nice Westward bound gift card would help Me see some qualities of submission in you and entice Me to invite you for a session to play.  Make sure you are even eligible by emailing Me first, there are a small group of you I simply won't be seeing anymore.
Particularly enjoying My heavy bondage, single tails, Venus 2000 and some heavy foot fetish tease and denial training this month. Perhaps you deserve a little vacation in My world!

Monday, September 10, 2018

No travelling Mistress is planned for this month, just a glitch in the blog sending out old posts.

Monday, August 20, 2018

This Week in Cincinnati

I am accepting submissives this week who would like to try out our new fully encased leather bodybag and hood.  Afternoon and early evening sessions are available, if you are open to being abandoned while bound in the bodybag for a few hours, or overnight, email Me with your request at or if you are a submissive who has been loyal you may text a request for an afternoon or evening to 513-773-9202, within the hours of 10am- 10pm ONLY.

If you have flaked on Me lately, perhaps you should send a gift for the dungeon. An amazon gift card or something from this list would do wonders to help your status with Me.  I hate to exile slaves from My dungeon when they can still be useful, but of course it can be necessary.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Bondage Ball Photos and New Vac Bed

This year for the Cincinnati Bondage Ball I designed and built an entirely new latex body bag system.  I was inspired by My recent trip to the Met in NYC and their amazing collection of Egyptian artifacts.  The latex for the bag and hood was gold and I created My own latex overlays.  Building the pattern for this creation was no joke but luckily it wasn't impossible, though at times it did seem so! 

I will keep the little tricks of this latex vac bed to Myself but it allows the sub to stand up, for his torments or teasing, and enjoy My Ancient Egypt fetish. We tried it with several body types and I made it large enough for a variety of people.  What fun is a toy if only one person can use it?  Being in the bag is an exhilarating experience, if you want to try it you can book an appointment at  There is not another like this one in the world, which is why I made it!

If you appreciate what I do for this city make sure you are contributing to My dungeon in some way so it can continue to exist.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Cincinnati Bondage Ball 2018

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this year more spectacular than ever!  More photos coming soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Goddess Sadie Visits Cincinnati July 24-29

If you would like to book a session directly go to Her site for booking protocols and further information.  Goddess Sadie is seriously fun if you like bondage, corporal, slave training and female supremacy, foot worship, or sissy training.  If you would like to book a double session or serve with running errands for the Goddess, this may also be possible this visit, but as We will be very busy working on the Cincinnati Bondage Ball, you should APPLY ASAP

To see what This Dynamic Dominant Duo are like in person, check out My for videos of Us Harassing My poor slave!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cincinnati Bondage Ball

Hard at Work and Play this month building our latex costumes and getting our fetish shows all planned out.  Those of you attending should buy your tickets now at We will have a designated area just for those into Femdom... aptly called "The Isle of Femdom"
Slaves who want to serve at the Isle of Femdom are welcome to email Me directly for instructions on what to wear, what to bring, and how to approach Ladies.

If you are unable to attend but still wish to contribute, Here are some ways:

  • Go to My wishlist and buy things marked bondage ball by July 15th (so it will arrive on time)
  • Email with your request to serve by bringing Starbucks or Panera for the Ladies practicing (Sunday afternoons)
  • Sponsor a visiting Mistress's travel to the event with gift cards or place a deposit for a double session- Goddess Sadie 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Boot Worship

It is lovely to wear something that can so easily lead to the control and manipulation of a man.
I love every pair of shoes and boots in My collection.
I have recently bought a glass case for the dungeon,  huge shiny black and lit from inside, to keep My very favorite heels from getting dusty in between cleanings from My slaves.
All My most precious gorgeous shoes are lined up in there, from 8 inch high monster heels to vintage DeLiso Debs 3 inch kitten heels.
My boots are so tall they must be hung up. That's how we do it, if any of you were wondering. Little hangers with little clips, the boots hang neatly all together with their pair.
I cannot have a favorite pair of boots or a favorite pair of heels. I have some more comfortable than others. I definitely fall in love with certain pairs when I am wearing them. Look at these handmade leather boots from England, complete with laces all the way up to My thighs, and a sharp pointed steel heel shining right there at the bottom. Wicked!
It is one of My favorite things to go shoe or boot shopping. I will always take a slave so there is someone to carry all the boxes and put them on My feet, and find My size out of all the styles I like.  I wear a size 6 1/2 in most styles, a 7 in the highest (7inch or higher) styles.

How long will you end up staring at the way the light plays on these beauties?
Did you only just realize the power My boots have over you? You read a little then your eyes get drawn right back up there. Something about the perfect shape, the luscious shine of that slick patent leather is making you salivate.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Myths about Femdom

All Femdoms want to bang you in the butt-

Of course some do, but every Femdomme has her own ideas about how to enjoy your body.  She might enjoy needles. Some enjoy simple tie and teasing.  Don't judge a book by the cover.

Femdom means doing whatever the fuck I want-

No, what you are describing is narcissistic personality disorder with a touch of abusive behavior.  Femdom is like any relationship, based on two people freely choosing to engage.  A happy slave is a kept slave, and unhealthy and abusive behavior is actually unhealthy for both parties involved.  If you are trying to "do femdom" but you are just doing this, you are headed for a crash and terrible awakening.  Females lead and males follow, "Femdom" is not a get out of jail free card.
REAL BLACKMAIL is not okay.  Physical violence without consent is not okay. 

She shows her tits, she's not a femdom- 

You have no idea how hard any woman worked to get in the body she has. I myself work very hard and feel I have the right to show what I like,  as I will only exist in this form once and I won't hide it away for your false morality or obsolete christian values.  We mostly are a modest bunch but you don't get to police us with silliness.  

If I act bad, she will beat me good-

If you act bad, I will never meet you, never greet you, and never beat you.  Poor thing.

Femdom is emasculating- 

Femdom is a natural expression of a thousand year old inherently male biological response.  Sir Lancelot- what could be emasculating about serving his Queen?  Only an actually cowardly man, insecure in his own feelings, cannot embrace this.

Pro- dommes are just in it for the money-

We maintain a safe space, we host events, we buy expensive top of the line equipment for you to experience.  This is where the money goes.  Not on a fur lined bed for us to roll around in, unfortunately.  Now imagine you are a slave you pays for a monthly session... you are helping to pay rent, bills, and basics to simply keep the dungeon running.  I can tell you care and want the dungeon to keep existing.  Now imagine you are submissive who only needs a session once or twice a year... your session helps keep the dungeon running, but because you aren't dependable it is hard to tell where any allegiance or loyalty is... I find it strange when people pop in randomly but have the nerve to talk about My dungeon or serving Me in a real capacity when there is no loyalty. A good way to contribute monthly in a nominal way anyone can afford is by joining My  - In this way you can show you want the dungeon to be there when you do need it even if you can't afford monthly sessions.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Back in Cincy this weekend

 Recently I decided to have a session with Mistress Devlynn Desade...  

For years I have had fantasies of worshipping a woman's feet, and being beaten and trampled by them.  After weeks of debate, I finally decided to go through with it so I filled out her application and set up a date for our session.
    When I arrived at Her dungeon (which is extremely nice) She greeted me and I sat down with her and we discussed my interests.  At this point I was extremely nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time. But She is actually really sweet, and made feel comfortable being there.  After talking about my limits and establishing a "safeword" it was time for the fun to begin.
She made me undress and lie down on the ground and then she put a blindfold on me.  The only downside of this was that I could not see her beautiful face.  She is a very attractive women!!!  After laying there a minute, I recieved a very hard ball kick.  I was kinda caught off guard, I was expecting a light kick first and then working up to harder kicks.  What did i get myself into?  Next she decided she wanted to play a game.  She would sit one of her high heeled shoes on my chest and then trample and hit me all over my body.  The object for me was to balance the shoe and not let it fall.  This game did not go well for me, every time the shoe fell, i would receive kicks.  First it was 3 kicks, and then She raised it to six.  She ended up having to take off Her pantyhose and use them as a gag to muffle my screams. I dont know how many times I was kicked, but it was alot and I was in pain.  I would have never expected Her to be so brutal.  It is kind of like to old saying "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!"  Even though I was in Pain I was turned on the entire time.
After playing Her little game for a while, She must have been pleased because She started ordering me to lick Her feet.  This was great relief for me, my groin was aching!  Now I was in heaven, licking the soft soles that had just got done stomping on my manhood......(I CENSORED THIS PART. JUST FOR ME. <3 p="" secrets.="">........ After that she removes the electrical gizmo and then she removes my blindfold.  I was glad to finally be able to see her again. Did i mention She is beautiful?
Then She orders me to kneel and kiss Her barefeet.  This is my first time seeing her barefeet because I have had on a blindfold the entire time.  Even though I am a lover of female feet, all ladies do not have pretty feet.  However Her feet are as close to perfect as you can get.  If any guy has a foot fetish I recommend they have a session with Her.  I really wanted to take a picture of them but i forgot to ask Her:(
        Well it was all over, I got dressed and then we sat down to talk again.  I was very satisfied at the end of the day. Our session was even better than i imagined it to be!  Even though one hour of Her time is worth more than two full days of work for me.  She is a wonderful person and she is good at what she does.  She made all of my kinky fantasies a reality.  I was very lucky to be able to spend time with Her and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to seeing Her again in the future and exploring many different aspects of the femdom world.  My next session with probably be with 2 mistresses, I can't wait!!  She did work me over good though, I was left with a swollen testicle, bruised thighs, bruised cock and sore pelvic bone.  I am writing this 1 week after our session and all of my bruises are fading, but I will have memories that will last a lifetime!!  Overall it was a fantastic experience!! 5 STARS- 2 THUMBS UP
-----Mistress Devlynn's punching bag

Monday, May 14, 2018

Double Domination and Couples Training with Goddess Sadie Hawkins

This weekend Goddess Sadie Hawkins will be visiting from Phoenix Arizona.  Goddess Sadie Hawkins is a lifestyle and professional Femdom with over a decade of experience.
Over My years playing with Her, We have enjoyed some fabulous scenes.  She is very skilled at keeping a man in line!
Those who wish to book directly with Goddess Sadie should check out Her site. This is also a great opportunity for Couples and Ladies new to Femdom to gain a little more knowledge and training!

Are you man enough to handle a session with Us?
If not, you may also serve by paying for our afternoon pedicure this week, or apply for other service oriented Femdom tasks by email:


Monday, April 2, 2018


DeSade Academy's 

High Protocol Goddess Party is slated for 


slaves must arrive to train and serve at 7pm.
Ladies arrive at 8pm.

Cut and paste Application HERE

Don't forget your POSITIONS!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Playthings in the Dungeon

Lots of new toys added to the dungeon this month:

Full Enclosure Sensory Deprivation Rubber Hood- Heavy Rubber, very scary.  Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Heavy Bondage Leather Leg Splints- This is heavy bondage, totally immobilizing!

Electro CBT Chastity cage- Very fun so far to watch the twitching and sensations generated by these little devils.

Rubber Feminization hood- Interesting experience, helpful for you gross beardos who want to be more femme!

Heavy Steel shackled Bench from Dungeon Delights- Extreme Heavy bondage with straps and steel shackles that lock down to immobilize completely!

All have now been Domme Tested and Approved!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cincinnati Foot Fetish Night

March will see the first incarnation of Cincinnati's Femdom Foot Fetish Evening.  Tickets will be on sale soon. Don't Miss it!
The evening will begin with a class by our Guest speaker on Foot play and trampling.  Later in the evening you may have a chance to worship and pamper some Goddess feet! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

For My Fans

While I am entering My 8th year of professional domination in Cincinnati, the conservative climate of the city has not changed much.  While My fetishes have evolved and gotten more fucked up, much to everyone's enjoyment, wandering eyes all over the city have had everything in front of them. My submissive's identities were always guarded, while My face and identity were shown.  None of you have any idea what that has brought Me.... A lot of it was good, and a lot of it was bad.

I will be keeping a lot more of My activities personal over the next few years. This blog will continue, with help for submissives, writing, updates and some photography.  However, dealing with the small town mentality as woman with big city fetishes has become quite taxing to Me.  Life is very short and I will never live My life according to another's set of rules. Some of My fetish life must be kept private for now.  Those who put into My dungeon and support its existence will benefit.  Those who don't- won't.  Even Twitter, which we used to be able to show everything on, is saying it will no longer allow sexual content.

I am still working on those of you who can't pay with credit card for privacy reasons, but have no problem contributing. I hope to make your membership possible by the end of the month, then you will have access to all My videos, writing and photos.

Basically, I feel some deserve more, but random people on the internet don't deserve to see or know as much as they have.

It only costs 25$ a month to contribute to My dungeon and continue its existence in Cincinnati.  This can be done here. For your contribution you get access to My personal fetish videos and photos.

On an unrelated note I will be planning the classes and events for this year... this weekend.  So if you have ideas or requests feel free to shoot Me an email about them at

THANK YOU. I appreciate those who have helped this dungeon continue in Cincinnati, to offer a safe haven for male submissives and dominant sadistic females.  There was none before and now there is.  Having spent 8 solid years contributing to the Femdom community in this way (and it is not always easy) should show everyone I am not a "fly by night" or "in it for the money" Domme.  I have always done this for the love of Femdom, Fetish, and BDSM and always will in some capacity.  I am a lifestyle Domme, with 24/7 slaves.  I doubt I will be able to go to the grocery without being recognized, but perhaps I can share My lifestyle activities without constant judgmental backlash from people who love to watch from afar but will never understand what BDSM or Femdom is about or why it is so important to us.

Sessions will still always be available to respectful submissives whose interests mesh with Mine.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Finding out Who You Are

In a fantasy things can be easy. The sting of the whip doesn’t actually exist, only the humiliation does.
It is when we move from fantasy to reality that these things change, and the whip is not the only thing which brings pain to both the submissive and the dominant. Like in any relationship there will be a pushing and pulling to get the garment of BDSM to fit. Some aspects of the fantasy can be pulled to beyond recognition, while some aspects of the fantasy will need to be discarded for the relationship to function. You can let this discourage you enough to skip out, and enjoy fantasy as fantasy only, or you can work to create a different way of doing things.

It is said that you should know yourself. But your “self” will always be changing.
It is said one has to love themselves to love anyone else. But any lack of love for yourself is a ridiculous metric from which to judge your worthiness of love.  I don't recommend anyone wait till they are perfect to endeavor upon a loving relationship.

I have most of My slaves KEEP A JOURNAL. This journal can be focused on their health, or daily experience, but it helps them to keep a larger sense of our whole relationship instead of focusing on one event. Writing and processing things in this way for yourself can help you and I recommend you start now, either with online journaling or keeping a book.

In your journal, it may be helpful for you to let your mind wander about:

• What your best qualities are- Are you patient? Quiet? Hard working? Good with Tedious tasks? Great at sewing or repairing things? Do you have an infectious smile and outgoing personality?
• What you could improve- Learning, Growing and Being Better for yourself as well as others
• What sort of BDSM activities you love- If you already know you love being tickled and restrained, or buying things for your dominant, cleaning up, keeping a home?
• What sort of BDSM activities you want to try eventually
• Your personal history of liking BDSM- where did it come from? What are your first memories of BDSM ? What movies or TV did you love growing up for their Dominant characters, fetish wear, or BDSM situations?
• What your dream Dom/ Domme would be like- Sadistic? A hippie Mama? A strong Leather Top? A Daddy or Mommie nurturing type?
• What a realistic BDSM relationship would look like to you- Weekly play while you maintain vanilla relationships? A live-in slavery situation for a vacation from normal life? A girlfriend who plays BDSM with you on the weekends? How much time do you need to yourself to be happy and healthy?
• What are your deal breakers? – Do you hate cigarette smokers? Need a monogamous partner? Do they need to be local or can you host once a month with someone from out of town?
• What do you fear about being submissive? – Are you afraid other men will find you less masculine? Are you afraid of getting outed to people? Are you afraid your Domme will not value you?
• What do you really need? – Does heavy bondage or a heavy spanking, or being a completely different person help you to live your life during the other hours of the month?

If you spend time figuring yourself out you will have a head start on anyone else who needs to figure you out.  If you haven’t even thought about the answers to these questions it will be difficult for you to get what you want when you don’t know it yourself.  Be creative and enjoy the dreaming process, because dreams can become reality.

Heavy work on your part to understand yourself will prevent huge fights, blowups and crumbling relationships as you can let others avoid your specific pitfalls. 

From this introspection you will gain some knowledge about who you are and what you want and where you fall on the following spectrum.  Which most resembles you and your search?  It can change with both time and choice of partner.

The bottom says, Please do this to me.

The submissive says, What do you want to do?

 The slave says nothing and waits, trusting, for Mistress's command.

You are allowed to change your mind and probably will. But if you approach a dominant in order to be a slave and only are interested in bottoming, it will fizzle very fast for you both. A realistic view of what people want is the only way to get those desires met.

Introspection will go only so far, and after you may wish to get some experience. Play parties, or serving local dominants can help you discern more about who you are, along with helping you to get training and build your reputation as a stellar slave. When you are starting out, you should focus less on looks, age, and outfits, and more on the experience level of the dominants that you serve. A more experienced Dominant will be much more patient with you and you will have much less chance of being hurt both emotionally and physically. We all have horror stories in the scene of inexperienced subs and what happens to them, don’t be another one of these stories. Even though it will make you value all the more when you do find a good relationship there are risks that you haven’t even considered. Bodily harm, sexual assault, kidnapping, being outted to family, friends and workplace, are all things you can avoid by being active in your community and choosing the solid, experienced, well reviewed dominant instead of running after a dream right away. You could also end up with a great friend, mentor, and teacher who can help you to find the dominant of your dreams down the road. Play in public, not in private if possible. Many dominants will not mind if you have a friend watch. Get a submissive friend or several, so you can keep each other safe, not to mention learn and support each other.