Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cincinnati Foot Fetish Night

March will see the first incarnation of Cincinnati's Femdom Foot Fetish Evening.  Tickets will be on sale soon. Don't Miss it!
The evening will begin with a class by our Guest speaker on Foot play and trampling.  Later in the evening you may have a chance to worship and pamper some Goddess feet! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

For My Fans

While I am entering My 8th year of professional domination in Cincinnati, the conservative climate of the city has not changed much.  While My fetishes have evolved and gotten more fucked up, much to everyone's enjoyment, wandering eyes all over the city have had everything in front of them. My submissive's identities were always guarded, while My face and identity were shown.  None of you have any idea what that has brought Me.... A lot of it was good, and a lot of it was bad.

I will be keeping a lot more of My activities personal over the next few years. This blog will continue, with help for submissives, writing, updates and some photography.  However, dealing with the small town mentality as woman with big city fetishes has become quite taxing to Me.  Life is very short and I will never live My life according to another's set of rules. Some of My fetish life must be kept private for now.  Those who put into My dungeon and support its existence will benefit.  Those who don't- won't.  Even Twitter, which we used to be able to show everything on, is saying it will no longer allow sexual content.

I am still working on those of you who can't pay with credit card for privacy reasons, but have no problem contributing. I hope to make your membership possible by the end of the month, then you will have access to all My videos, writing and photos.

Basically, I feel some deserve more, but random people on the internet don't deserve to see or know as much as they have.

It only costs 25$ a month to contribute to My dungeon and continue its existence in Cincinnati.  This can be done here. For your contribution you get access to My personal fetish videos and photos.

On an unrelated note I will be planning the classes and events for this year... this weekend.  So if you have ideas or requests feel free to shoot Me an email about them at devlynndesade@gmail.com

THANK YOU. I appreciate those who have helped this dungeon continue in Cincinnati, to offer a safe haven for male submissives and dominant sadistic females.  There was none before and now there is.  Having spent 8 solid years contributing to the Femdom community in this way (and it is not always easy) should show everyone I am not a "fly by night" or "in it for the money" Domme.  I have always done this for the love of Femdom, Fetish, and BDSM and always will in some capacity.  I am a lifestyle Domme, with 24/7 slaves.  I doubt I will be able to go to the grocery without being recognized, but perhaps I can share My lifestyle activities without constant judgmental backlash from people who love to watch from afar but will never understand what BDSM or Femdom is about or why it is so important to us.

Sessions will still always be available to respectful submissives whose interests mesh with Mine.