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Thursday, July 19, 2018

If you are trying to book a session...

If you are trying to book a session within the next two weeks, this is hectic time for your Mistress! I am busy running the upcoming Cincinnati Bondage Ball, hosting Guests from out of town, and at the same time more time wasters have come out of the woodwork.
I guess they are excited by the awesome photos I have been posting, but the truth is these photos are here to entice the Ladies to come out to My Bondage ball and have fun with us.  Yes believe it or not My "look" never was about you or what you wanted to see, though men like to project all their desires on women,  LET ME REITERATE, I am on this earth to live out My desires.  I am sure if you woke up looking like this you may want to take a few pictures too.  Especially if you spent years in the gym maintaining it. 
If you feel you have been skipped over, send another email and make clear requests, make sure your deposit is in, make sure your vetting or online references are in! I am having trouble this month sifting the wheat from the chaff. 
And if you are the chaff, please go bother someone else. For instance you could talk to one of the other useless men on the internet who is impersonating Me with My photos, then it would be perfect, you both can just sit on the internet together!