TRAVEL PLANNED FOR 2018- Chicago, NYC, Nashville, NOLA Apply to serve Me now or you may miss Me.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Slave training

When people come to see Me they often express interest in My high protocol evenings and ask how to get involved. We usually have very few males in attendance as we prefer a female to male ratio skewed toward females. If you have ever been to fetish or femdom party surrounded by creepy dudes who can't even talk to people you may understand why we do this. High Protocol also limits that phenomena, as all males entering the party are trained regarding what's expected of them and how to act. This creates a smooth atmosphere for both the Ladies and the slaves.
Training on My basic positions for slaves is a great start and you can find these by just googling "Devlynn DeSade slave positions" as I have made them readily available to anyone with the foresight to practice and make a good impression.
My parties are very different than others you will visit and I strongly believe what you put into something you get out. If you invest very little thought to your attire, practice or care to your actions and demeanor, I can imagine you will get very little out of Femdom in general.
The Americanization and commodification of Femdom can only reach so far. Just like at the gym,  if you rarely show up, rarely push yourself, you will rarely see the results you want. I have many slaves that have come far, are shining examples and others over the years who have flaked, tried to flip the script, and been disappointed in themselves.
You can lead a horse to water with a unicorn outfit on, but you can't force him to drink from the magical life renewing stream of subspace.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Service- position has been filled!

Update: position has been filled!

Fantasized about serving Me but afraid of heavy Bdsm? I'm accepting a few applicants in February for slaves to help with dungeon maintenance. Apply on My site to interview for this position.  Responsibilities of the slave may include but not limited to:

  • Bi-weekly meeting for dungeon cleaning 
  • Dusting, floors, Windows. 
  • Organization and arrangement 
Punctuality, discretion and obedience are important as well as efficiency.  Crossdressers are welcome but ineffectual slaves will not be tolerated. If you desire a regular position in My stable this is a unique and rare opportunity!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Latex Goddess

As a domme here in Cincinnati for many years I am well aware that many male submissives are new to latex fetish. But just because Cincy can be boring doesn't mean I am! I love when a new sub is pliable enough to be trained in Rubber. I have been building My own latex devices and bondage toys for years, and that's what makes it so fun for Me... if I can imagine it I can create it. Some may call Me a control freak... HA! This is why I built a standing latex vacuum bed. This is why I built a transparent blue body bag.  Dreams become reality. Stay tuned to see what comes next ! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Looking forward to this year's Bondage Ball?  The Ball is usually held on the last Saturday of July. We will have the same awesome, discreet space... with over 40,000 square feet of fully equipped play space, performance space, the Isle of Femdom, Changing area for guests, kitchen for mixing up your BYOBs, and designated smoking area.  Thanks to the greater BDSM community and gothic community support, we are entering another fabulous year. 
Volunteer opportunities for those who wish to get involved are at