Friday, July 19, 2019

Memories of My slaves

My memories of serving Goddess Devlynn Desade and her friends
By slave buttons

I have served Goddess for many years and have received her training on slave positions, being clean, well shaved, respectful and totally submissive to her. I have often confided to Goddess that I am okay with being used as a demo slave in front of one or more of her friends or guests.   Over the years I have numerous wonderful memories of serving Goddess. As a well-trained and faithful slave and I have served in double domm sessions and as a demo slave in front of a group.
I have earned the opportunities numerous times to serve Goddess and one or more of her guests at the dungeon.  Each time, I am inspected by Goddess and her guest upon the beginning of my service. I have been fortunate to serve Mistress Mara Mayhem, Ms. Sadie and a number of Goddesses trainees and small groups of friends.
Serving Goddess and Mistress Mayhem is always a memorable experience.  Both of them are exceptionally beautiful and very good at zoning out a slave.  I remember one time they both came into the dungeon in provocative outfits. They proceeded to tie me spread eagle on a table rendering all parts of my body very vulnerable. My nipples (buttons) were teased and then my exposed cock and balls were targeted. They both were so close to my mouth with parts of their body, but always just out of reach. I zoned out completely.  
Later I was taken to the other room and subjected to a wonderful golden shower that will always be a fond memory.  I long to again someday be subjected to Mistress Mayhem and Goddess golden nectar.
On another occasion with Mistress Mayhem, I was surprised when she answered the door to let me in. Wow, she is so beautiful. She sent me to the slave bathroom to prepare.  As I left the slave bathroom, totally naked and ready to serve, Goddess met me and had me choose 10 instruments of torture. She sent me down stairs to the living room carrying the items.  
There I again saw Mistress Mayhem sitting on the couch. She had me place the torture items on an end table. I was then instructed to lie face up on the small table by the couch. I was tied to the table ready to be used and abused. Goddess arrived and the two of them sat on the couch, sipping on their drinks and talking about which instruments to use on me. They used the penis pump first to make my cock ready for torture. My nipples were also placed in suction pumps to make them tender and aroused.  The two of the enjoyed their time and continued to discuss over their drinks, what would be next. Knowing that I enjoyed seeing their beauty, they blindfolded me. Then they placed their beautiful feet on mt face, so I could kiss their feet and with my tongue I could serve their toes my with my tongue. Oh, what memories.

Ms. Sadie was always full of ideas to use me as her slave when she visited.  I remember one time I was in the living room and Goddess had a group of friends over to view the training of a slave. Ms. Sadie made me stand in the center of the room, of course totally naked, and made me turn slowly so all could see all of my naked body. She then had me get on hands and knees and crawl to each lady and ask them if I could kiss their feet.  While serving each ladies feet and lower legs, Ms. Sadie was spanking my exposed ass. After a while Goddess had me lie on the floor face up and serve her awesome petite feet, as the group enjoyed their drinks and conversations.
After a while, Goddess suggested to the ladies they would be taking me up to the dungeon.  I was taken into a room tied spread eagle and was teased and tormented in front of the group of ladies.  Between Goddess and Ms. Sadie they did not miss an inch of my naked body, using numerous instruments. I was totally used, abused from my toes to my cock and balls, my extremely sensitive nipples “buttons” and my tongue was kept busy with items inserted in my mouth.
On another visit with Ms. Sadie and Goddess, they conducted a training session with a group of young ladies interested in the art of femdom and Dominatrix. I was on my back with my legs spread. They proceeded to demonstrate a wide range of cock and ball torture, ranging from rope ties with the balls separated and my cock tightly wrapped and pulled.   Additional ways like tying the separated balls to my feet or pulling the tied balls was demonstrated. Goddess then allowed the trainees to try their ideas on my cock and balls. I was truly reduced to a submissive object to be used.
I had other memories of Goddess inviting a friend over and having me tied and secured very vulnerable on my back with legs spread wide. Goddess gave her friend some instructions on nipple torture, cock and ball torture, including interesting rope tying of balls and the cock.  Then Goddess said I will be going upstairs to prepare the dungeon. I was left totally naked and vulnerable for her friend to experiment with a variety of fetish toys. I was then truly a submissive slave of Goddess. After a while, Goddess returned and took me to the dungeon so both Goddess and her friend cool continue to use my naked body.

I have so many good memories and of course, hope to add additional memories when Goddess chooses.  Being a good, well trained and faithful slave to Goddess is important. I am fortunate to be one of her slaves.